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Black Gold

Millions of sophisticated coffee drinkers relish a good cup of coffee. But for every $3 cup of coffee, a coffee farmer typically receives only 3 cents. Most of the money goes to the four giant conglomerates which control the coffee market.

Black Gold follows Tadesse Meskela, General Manager of the Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union in Ethiopia as he tries to secure a living wage for the 70,000 coffee farmers he represents. Tracing the tangled trail from the 2 billion cups of coffee consumed each day back to the coffee farmers who produce the beans, Black Gold exposes how international commodities markets are rigged against the nations of the global South.

After seeing Black Gold, coffee will never taste the same. A sip of cappuccino will remind viewers of the farmers who grew the beans and of their own power to pressure corporations where it hurts most—the bottom line.

Watch the trailer here.

Opening dates/locations:

Oct. 6, 2006
*New York NY - Cinema Village
(with brief discussion and Q & A with Scott Codey of the NYC Fair Trade Coalition and Rodney North of Equal Exchange)
Seattle, WA - Landmark Metro
Bellevue, WA - Lincoln Square

Oct. 13, 2006
Chicago, IL - Gene Siskel Film Center

Oct. 27, 2006
Boston, MA - Coolidge Corner

Nov. 10, 2006
San Francisco, CA - Roxie

Nov. 12, 2006
Savannah, GA - Reel Savannah

Dec. 8, 2006
Washington, D.C. - Landmark E. St.

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  1. The Worsted Witch » Hub’s Guest Review: Black Gold said,

    October 12, 2006 at 1:11 pm

    [...] If you’re in New York City and have a hankering for a cup of java, best head on down to the Village Cinema on 12th Street between University Place and 5th Avenue to catch Black Gold—a documentary all about the farmers who grow the beans that make your coffee. [...]

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