The Dover Sampler

Cat and rocking chair paper craft

Art by Dover Publishing. Click to enlarge.

Every week I look forward to receiving Dover Publishing’s free weekly sampler of clip art, book excerpts, and craft projects. This week’s edition included sample pages from Cut & Color My Fun Furniture by Florence Temko, a book of cut-and-fold paper furnishings that includes a cat-and-rocking-chair tableau that I think is a hoot and a half. All that page needs is a basket of yarn and some knitting needles and you have my perfect setting.

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  1. hari said,

    March 27, 2009 at 6:21 pm

    (Have I said how great it is to be able to check your blog and it be updated with happy things??? because IT IS!)

    You’re lucky in your setting that your cat sits in the basket at your feet. My cat likes to sit on my lap (over my working arms) and fall asleep with his eyes closed while looking up at me. Lately, this happens on top of the pattern I’m working. ;;sigh;;

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