Damn Fine Tea Has Damn Fine Design

Damn Fine Tea

Photo by Andrews & Dunham Damn Fine Tea

I was immediately drawn to Andrews & Dunham Damn Fine Tea’s arresting, eye-popping packaging, but then they had to go and make a reference to Kurt Vonnegut and my heart was all aflutter. Note: The Dragonwell green tea is certified-organic.

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  1. Angela said,

    June 25, 2011 at 1:45 am

    What you are posting about is great and all but I just thought I should let you know…certified organic in asia very rarely means it’s organic. I have been working in conservation here in Asia for many years and am yet to see a truly organic “organic” tea plantation. In fact they use more chemicals than is deemed legally safe certainly by UK standards. Especially as this product is not fairtrade, as far as I can tell, I can almost guarantee that loads of chemicals will have been used to grow it. Check out the stories that come out of the Cameron Highlands, Malaysia. The other thing is that, yeah the packaging is cute (but is packaging non the less for a very small amount of tea), but these leaves have come from all over the world. Transported by many means using fossil fuels and releasing carbon into our atmosphere. I just felt it was important to mention these points as I love the site and think that raising awareness is super important.

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